We got married

Excuse me for the extremely long post. I Just wanted to post some pictures from our wedding. November 23rd 2013 was the happiest day of our lives. We both felt an overwhelming feeling that this was the absolute best decision we were going to make in our life. We had been patiently waiting for the wedding date to come and then it came and went too fast. The day was absolutely perfect. The sealing was so great. We had a member of the temple presidency from our ward do it. I wish I could remember everything he said. The luncheon and reception was also wonderful. We felt so loved from all our great friends and family that came to celebrate this exciting time with us. 

Here are a bazillion photos from our day. I couldn't help put share so many. It was too hard to eliminate. I love our wedding :) 

I love being married. It really is the funnest thing I have ever done. I love being a wife and I love having a husband. So happy we found each other so we could start our very own life together. 

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