april date night

In April our date night consisted of going to Outback! It was fun and very delicious. I love going out to eat with Justin. It is always so much fun! We then went out to ice cream  to Coldstone and used our leftover gift card from Februaries date night. I love my dates with Justin!
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easter sunday

this easter was a great one! i havent been home for the past two easters so it was so much fun to be home with my family for easter. we ate a delicious dinner and just relaxed as a family. as you can see in the photos my mom did an excellent job at making a beautiful table setting for our easter. justin and i decorated the cute easter egg cupcakes. they were a lot of fun to do. 

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a valentines gift

for valentines day i wanted to give justin something that would be of some significance and was a bit romantic. i decided to create a book of dates for us to go on throughout the year. he takes me on dates all the time and i know money can be tight sometimes so i wanted to give back to him and plan and pay for 12 dates for the year. here are the first two months...


 february we went and got ice cream at coldstone and played his favorite game, monopoly. he destroyed me at the game haha. but it was still so much fun. we even had some extra money on the gift card to use for some other date!


for the date in march i planned for us to go the the bodies revealed exhibit that was here in boise. its been here since september and i have been wanting to go for along time now. we finally went on the second to last day it was here! it was so hard finding time that worked with both of our crazy schedules  to go. we both really enjoyed it. we learned a lot of cool things about the human body. 
Description of Photoit was so much fun having these two dates planned ahead so we could just go and have fun without thinking what to do. i cant wait to go on the rest of our dates this year! dates with justin are the best :)