well i just realized me and justin have been engaged for over a month now. can you believe it? time is already flying! i decided i would share how justin proposed.... so we had gone ring shopping and picked out the most gorgeous ring that we could find and i was in love with it. i had no idea when he was going to purchase it or pop the question at this point. i then called him one day and i asked what he was doing and he said he was on his way home from the store. i asked what store? he replied the jewelry store. i then got so extremely excited. you have no idea. he bought the ring!!!!!! he then told me some sad news.... it was not going to be ready until friday and i was leaving on a trip to new york on saturday. so basically i knew the day he was going to propose since he wanted to do it before i left. he was really bummed that i knew the day now too. i kept asking him if there was any possible way of getting it sooner and he kept telling me no. so throughout that week i was nosie and kept asking him if he had a plan of how he was going to propose. he always said no. i tried to hint at ideas that might be cute haha and he never really said anything. throughout the week he told me that he wanted to take me on a date on thursday to celebrate our last date together as boyfriend and girlfriend. and of course i wanted to go on this date! i loved going on any dates with justin. he told me he was going to take me horse back riding to this really pretty spot. i was so excited to go... but on wednesday night the truck broke down that he was going to use to carry the horse to where we were going. so the plan was then sacked and we were both very sad. i was so excited to go on a horse back ride with him. he then came up with plan b. this plan was to take me to the same spot that he was going to take me on the horse and bring a picnic. so we did that. he told me to make dinner for the picnic and he would bring drinks and the dessert. at this point my mom kept telling me that it was going to happen that night. i still was very unsure because he was having me make the dinner and the ring was not supposed to be ready to pick up until the next day. so he came to pick me up and off we went on our picnic. it was about a fifteen minute walk on a trail. we found a perfect spot to lay a blanket down. we then just sat there and talked for a few minutes. we then ate our dinner that i made for us. and then cuddled and digested our dinner. justin ended up falling asleep. he then asked if i was ready for dessert and of course i said yes! i am always ready for dessert. he told me to grab them out of the back so i did. and to my surprise i opened my little pie he packed for me and the ring box was in with the pie. i pulled the ring box out opened it up and saw my beautiful ring that we had picked out. he asked me to marry him and i said yes. we both were so happy and excited. i love justin so much and i am so excited to marry him. i cannot wait :) 


april date night

In April our date night consisted of going to Outback! It was fun and very delicious. I love going out to eat with Justin. It is always so much fun! We then went out to ice cream  to Coldstone and used our leftover gift card from Februaries date night. I love my dates with Justin!
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easter sunday

this easter was a great one! i havent been home for the past two easters so it was so much fun to be home with my family for easter. we ate a delicious dinner and just relaxed as a family. as you can see in the photos my mom did an excellent job at making a beautiful table setting for our easter. justin and i decorated the cute easter egg cupcakes. they were a lot of fun to do. 

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a valentines gift

for valentines day i wanted to give justin something that would be of some significance and was a bit romantic. i decided to create a book of dates for us to go on throughout the year. he takes me on dates all the time and i know money can be tight sometimes so i wanted to give back to him and plan and pay for 12 dates for the year. here are the first two months...


 february we went and got ice cream at coldstone and played his favorite game, monopoly. he destroyed me at the game haha. but it was still so much fun. we even had some extra money on the gift card to use for some other date!


for the date in march i planned for us to go the the bodies revealed exhibit that was here in boise. its been here since september and i have been wanting to go for along time now. we finally went on the second to last day it was here! it was so hard finding time that worked with both of our crazy schedules  to go. we both really enjoyed it. we learned a lot of cool things about the human body. 
Description of Photoit was so much fun having these two dates planned ahead so we could just go and have fun without thinking what to do. i cant wait to go on the rest of our dates this year! dates with justin are the best :) 


It's Twins!

My cousin and best friend, Melissa, is having twins this June!!! I am so extremely excited for her! I threw her a baby shower this last weekend. It was so fun planning and putting it on. My favorite part of it was the craft that we did. I had everyone decorate a onsie for the twins. They turned out cuter then I could have imagined! Now the twins will be stylin with onsies made by melissas family! I am excited for the twins to come... Just have to wait until June for Jackson and Elison to come :) 

Spring Break

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!! Thank goodness!!! Me and Justin have been extremely busy with work and school so we are both extremely happy to have a little break! We went down to Pocatello to visit for the weekend. It was fun to visit his family and friends. We just relaxed and watched lots of movies, went out to eat, went to Lava Hot Springs and just hangout with his family and friends. It was a fun little trip. 


23 years

It was my birthday about a month ago and I just thought I would share a few photos from it! I turned 23!!!! I still cant believe I am that old. I really do feel like I am still 18... For my birthday I got to spend it with my family and my amazing boyfriend :) We went to dinner at PF Changs then came home to have my favorite dessert, pizookie. It was a day filled with people I love and the food I love! All around I just loved my birthday :) 

Even though this pic is blurry I still love it. ps I love him too :) 


snow day

Today I woke up at 5:45 to get ready for work. Shortly after, while I was brushing my teeth, I received a phone call letting me know school was canceled today :) I finished brushing and went back to bed! It has been a snow day today and it’s been so great! I love the snow and all day I have wanted to go out and play in it! I am kind of crossing my fingers that there is another snow day tomorrow. The chances are very slim but a girl can dream, right?
I also got a new camera for Christmas that I took these pictures with. I am in love with my camera and I cant wait to learn how to take better pictures with it. 

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a much needed break

Its been Christmas break for the past week and a half and it has been amazing! I have loved having time to relax and not worry so much about work. Life has been crazy and I haven't had time to update the blog so here is a quick update of whats been happening in my life lately :)

Christmas was wonderful like always! During the christmas season we did many festive things like making gingerbread houses, looking at Christmas lights, playing games, decorating trees and so much more! 
I have had the pleasure of getting to know this guy the past few months! He is my wonderful boyfriend, Justin! I really have enjoyed spending the holidays with him. He really is the best and I like him oh so very much! 
This was the first snowfall of the year. I had to snap a quick shot of my parents beautiful front yard. They are moving in February so it will be sad not having this great yard anymore. 
I finally got to meet my cousins new baby Dawson! He really is a cute little baby. 

Its been a wonderful Holiday season spending time with the ones I love the most! Now I guess its time to get back to working. I cant believe I am halfway through my first year of teaching. It has been pretty challenging but a fun adventure! I am so excited to see how this next semester turns out.