memorial day

For memorial day we had a little family get together. There was swimming, a bbq, games, and catching up with family members. I always love seeing all of my cousins little kiddos and playing with them. Its always a blast! and aren't they so cute?


little brothers all grown up

I can't believe it but my little brother graduated from High School! He is all grown up now. It is crazy how time flies. Graduation was great. We even had a little laugh as Jordan dropped his diploma while walking across the stage. It was epiclly Jordan. Graduation wouldn't have been complete without something like that. Well I am so happy for Jord and all he has accomplished in High School! Can't wait to see what life brings his way next. 


Famous Idaho Potato

Well the half marathon has come and gone. Jordan and I ran the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon. I was a little scared going into this one because I didn't train as hard as i could have. I thought for sure I would have gotten my worst time for my half marathons. To my surprise I ended up getting my best time at1hr59:30. We had perfect running weather(minus the freezing windy weather while we were waiting to start) and a beautiful course! I was also so proud of my brother Jordan for completing his first half marathon and getting 9th place in his age division at a time of 1hr43min. He really didn't train very much and he regretted that after haha. Now on to training for my next half. After my run on saturday one of my toes wasn't feeling too great. It is all bruised and burns with pain every once in awhile. I decided I will rest my feet this week and just swim and bike for my cardio. Hopefully next week it will feel all better so I can run in preparation for the See Jane Run Half on June 16! I also am starting my marathon training next week. I decided I am going to run in the Top of Utah Marathon in September. I am so excited for this summer of running and so excited to accomplish some goals of mine! 

Baby Ducks

For about the past month we have had a Duck nesting in our backyard. She actually comes every year to lay her eggs. This weekend the babies hatched! At first I only saw 3 or 4 little duck heads but then they came out of the nest and to my surprise there was 12 little baby ducks! They were so precious. They all slowly jumped out of the nest and followed their moma around the yard. They took a little dip in the pool and then left the yard. It was such a cute thing to see. 


Life Lately

There is just ten days until my next half marathon! This year I haven't had as much time to run as I usually have in the past so the training for the half marathon has been a little limited. This is a photo that I snapped really quickly with my phone while I was on my jog this morning. This is one of my favorite places to run. Isn't it beautiful? It's so nice to find places to run that are so pretty and close to home. It can be so easy to get tired of the same old boring running routes so I love to find little trails like this one to run on. 

One of the goals for the summer is to run in three half marathons and one marathon and possible some shorter races. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I am ready to take that time and run and become in the best shape of my life!  

Other then running I have been pretty busy. I have been subbing at schools for the past couple of weeks and plan on doing that until the end of May. Along with subbing I have been applying for what seems like a million jobs. haha. I have been applying for teaching positions in the Boise area and a few in Utah. This week I had an interview down in Utah that I think went pretty well. I will find out Monday if I got the job or not. If I got that job that would mean I would move down to Utah which I am a little unsure of right now. I also had an interview today in Meridian. It was just a screening interview and they said I should hear from principals very soon for further interviews. I am really hoping for a job here in the valley. I love Boise and would love to have a job here and live here. I am so excited to be a teacher and hopefully I will be hired somewhere soon!