a week in the city

Student teaching is over and that means there was need for celebration! So what did I do?? I went to New York! Mariah, her friend Maddie, and myself took a little vaca for a week to NYC. Sorry for this extremely long blog post but i just couldn't keep out any of the fun things that we did. Here is a little recap of our week in the city. 

We went to the top of the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building to get an amazing view of he city and man it really was a great view!!
Eating our first slice of New York pizza at Big Nicks.
After a one and a half hour wait we got to eat some dessert at the famous Serendipities. It was delicious and such a cute little restaurant. We got frozen hot chocolate and chocolate cake ice cream sundae to split between the three of us. We ate every bit of the deliciousness. 
Times Square! We probably walked through Times Square on a daily basis. It really was so amazing and Huge! I can't believe how many people there were there either. No matter what time we were there it felt like millions of people were surrounding us. 
We visited the Central Park Zoo! We have a relative that worked at the central park zoo so he took us on a tour. It was great! My favorite animals that we saw were the polar bear, peacocks, penguins, and many many more. It was such a beautiful day that we went on. 
On our last night we went to a Broadway Play. Memphis is what we went to. It was great! We were on our way back to the apartment on the subway after and guess who we saw??? The leading actor of the play. So we snapped a quick photo with him. 
One night we headed over to Brooklyn. We ate some pizza at Grimaldi's, which was pretty delicious. We then took some gorgeous pictures at the pier of the city scape while the sun was setting.
 After dinner we walked across the Brooklyn bridge. It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable evenings of the trip. 
Lavain Bakery- We stopped here twice in the week to pick up these wonderful cookies! If you know me you know that one of my favorite foods is chocolate chip cookies. I would have to say that these were probably the best cookies I have ever had. First off they were ginormous. Second off they were so gooey in the middle and crisp on the outside. The three flavors that I tired was the chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate, and chocolate chip walnut. I am going to miss these cookies. 
We took a little cruise around the southern part of Manhattan. During the cruise we passed the Statue of Liberty. It was much smaller then I expected but still so awesome to get to see in real life. 
I have heard about Sprinkles and how delicious their cupcakes are so when I saw one I had to stop. We got a lemon cupcake and it really was delicious!
This was a roots from a tree that they dug up and preserved.
We went to Carlo's Bake Shop which is the bakery from the television show Cake boss. It was pretty good pastries and treats. 
We visited the World Trade Center Memorial. It was a good reminder of what happened that day and really how many lives were taken. The memorial was beautiful. They are currently working on building seven buildings in replace of the two that were lost. The picture above is a few that are being built right now. 
Dylan's Candy Bar- This was such a fun candy store. They had tons of candy of course but they also had a bakery with cupcakes, ice cream parlor, and a chocolate bar. It was such a cute fun place that brought us back to our childhood. 
On our last day in NYC we went to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! It was such a blast. As many of you already know I LOVE Jimmy Fallon so I was so ecstatic to go to the show. It was fun getting to see him in real life. We had front row seats!!!!! and at one point her was like two feet away from me. At the end he went through the audience and I got to shake his hand and can I tell you he had the softest hands I have ever felt. I love jimmy 

We did so much more then the few things I wrote about. We literally were up doing things from 8am to 11pm everyday. It was a very exhausting trip but well worth it! I loved the whole trip and someday hope to go back! 


  1. We are so going back one day. I am soo incredibly jealous!!!

  2. How fun!! :) I love reading all of your posts. You look beautiful in all your pics!
    I'm glad you had such a blast in NYC, you deserved it! I hope you're doing well. Text me when your phone works or when you get a new one! Love you and miss you.