hens and chicks

Once again I practiced making wedding cake for my friend. The actual cake turned out perfect and I am pretty sure that is the recipe I will use for the real thing. I mainly wanted to make this cake so I could practice using fondant. I think I have the fondant part down and I am ready for the real cake! I then had a plain light pink fondant covered cake and had no idea what to decorate it with. I then went outside to see about putting some flowers on the cake my mom had and then saw some hens and chickens. So I cut off some of those and this is what I came up with. Pretty plain and simple but I think it turned out pretty well. Now really, if you want some cake come eat it... I think I have begun to hate cake.

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  1. Chels! Your cake looks beautiful! I am so impressed with your baking skills! Hope all is well.