I Love Valentines Day

So I kinda live Valentines Day. I am not really sure why because I haven't really ever had a Valentine except for once in my entire 21 years... Maybe I just love the hearts, flowers, reds and pinks that are everywhere. It is such a happy holiday to me. Or maybe its because I love little Debbies Be My Valentine Cakes, valentine candy, and cookies. 

I am hoping to try out these cute things this year for valentines day. 
How to make these cute hearts can be found here http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/

I really hope to try these cutties out. These can be found here

Or maybe make these cookies 
This how to can be found at toostinkincute.blogspot.com 

Isn't this heart sweater adorable. Find out more on how to do it 

I hope to find time to try these Valentine crafts and treats out this season! 

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