Babies 1st Birthday

Here are some cupcakes that I made today! These were for the birthday of my cousins little boy who is turning one.  I used fondant and a rubber stamp to create the "L" which stands for Liam. I then used yellow fondant to back the blue and I placed that on top of the buttercream frosting. 

Butter Cream Frosting 
1Cup Butter
4 Cups Powdered Sugar 
2 Tbsp Milk 

The butter should be at room temperature. Mix the butter with a stand up mixer or a hand mixer for about 30 seconds. Add one cup at a time of the powdered sugar. Add a Tbsp of milk in between the cups of powdered sugar. You can add more milk if the frosting is too stiff. Once it reaches the consistency that you like frost cupcakes or cake how  you would like. 


  1. These are super cute Chelsi! I love your blog! I think that we should get together and craft sometime if you are interested! :D

  2. Thanks Lynzi! Yes we should get together and craft! we should on a Saturday sometime!