Many of you don't know my love for Jimmy Fallon! I watch his show every single day. Its a pretty hilarious show. Here is a funny christmas clip from his show on Friday. It gave me a little laugh during this stressful week. Enjoy. 

Also. Guess what??? Two of my favorite Celebs will be on SNL at the same time this month...They will both be on SNL December 17th! Jimmy Fallon is hosting and Michael Buble will be the musical guest. I seriously can't wait. This will be a very happy day for me because it is the day I graduate, family will be in town, and then a great christmas episode of SNL. I don't think the day could get any better. Who's excited for next Saturday? I know I am! 

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  1. WHAT!!!!!!! yes!! I am sooo excited! Derek and I shall for sure be watching that!!!!