Movies Lately

So basically I have been watching a lot of movies lately... and I have been wanting to watch more movies. Three movies in particular were really great to me so I thought I would share them with you. All three are pretty popular so you have most likely seen them but if you haven't I would recommend watching them. Here's the list. 

1. It's a wonderful life
I know this is a classic Christmas movie but I just decided it is definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies. I love old movies and it is definitely one of those and it has a pretty good Christmas message. 

2. MI4 Ghost Protocol

My family and I went to this movie in Imax on Monday. I absolutely loved it. I normally don't like action movies that much but this one was awesome. It really kept me interested the entire time. It was pretty intense in many parts of the movie. It was also  a pretty family friendly clean movie. 

3. The Help

I saw this for the first time Yesterday. I have been wanting to see it ever since it came out in theaters but I never got a chance to. It really was a great movie about "The Help" in the south during the 1960's. It's based on the book "The Help" and now I really want to read the book. I loved the movie and it could be on the list of my top favorite movies now. 


  1. I haven't seen any of these- will have to look them up!


  2. You should! They are really great! I hope you enjoy them :) I just checked out your blog, it's adorable.