Can you guess what I was for Halloween? It may be hard considering I didnt get the best picture of my whole costume. I was a flapper girl. It was so much fun to dress up as a flapper girl. Have you seen the movie Midnight In Paris? Well its a movie where Owen Wilson goes back to the 1920's in Paris. After seeing that movie it inspired me to be a flapper girl for Halloween. I really love a lot of fashion throughout history and I think its a lot of fun to be able to dress up from different time periods. My hair is short!! But don't worry I didn't cut it. I followed this great tutorial from The Beauty Department. It can be found here

This year I made some delicious caramel apples and watched the movie Coraline for Halloween. This was my first time seeing this movie. It was pretty interesting, a little creepy, but a perfect movie to watch on Halloween.  

Here is just a picture of my hair and makeup without the headband on. I'm not really digging the whole short hair look. Maybe someday I will like it. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! 

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  1. Coraline is super creepy! But it was so fun seeing it with you and you looked so so cute :)