Scenes From the Summer

Guess What??? Its Summer!!! The last time I posted it was definitely not summer here in the good old town of Rexburg. But now it is. I love sumer it is my favorite time of the year. Here are some photos of some adventures we have had this summer so far. 


One of my favorite things that I like to do this summer is go for bike rides. We like to go discover new places in town and go to parks to enjoy the nice weather. 

 That's my Bike... Love it. My neighbor was having a garage sale and gave it to my mom for FREE!!! I then discovered it and she said I could have it. I painted it and I have been in love ever since. It is a 1970's Schwinn. 

 I also love to go to the Rexburg Farmers Market. It is so little and cute. We bought some delicious cotton candy to try. 
 We stopped to make a wish.


Happy 4th of JULY
 Melissa and I at the Rexburg Parade 

 Idaho Falls 

 The fireworks all ready  to be lit off 

 So for the 4th Brandon, Melissa and I decided we wanted to get a great spot to watch the fireworks so we went to save a spot at 3pm... The show doesn't start until 10pm. So we had soooooo much time to waste. We walked all around the river, played some good old truth or dare, took naps, played farkle, and one thing that they loved to do is tickle me. I am extremely ticklish and they thought it was so funny... it was not. 

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love everything that you can do outside. Can't wait to see what new adventures will find us the rest of the summer. 

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