I'm Home!!!!!!

This is my home! I love it so much. Do you see why I love coming to this place? It is gorgeous. I am grateful to have parents that take love doing yard work. I have come to realize lately how much I love the outdoors. I just enjoy sitting outside in our hammock or in our pool or trampoline. This house truly is one of my favorite places on Earth. I love how it is a place that our family can gather and we can have parties and just have a good time. My dad has done a great job at our garden. We have a lot of grapes, raspberries  cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. Nothing is better then some fresh fruit and vegetables. I hope someday to have a home that is as beautiful as my parents.I was actually just telling my mom today that someday when I do have a home of my own I am going to have her teach me all she knows about gardening! 

I am so happy to be home right now, you seriously have no idea. This short summer that I have is going to be a blast. I am going to be rafting, biking, camping, boating, attending some of my best friends weddings and just being around my favorite people, my family. Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

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