Well we made it down the river safe and sound. We had a blast! We white water rafted down the Payette River. There was a kayak and a raft that we took. I road in both for a little bit.I may have almost died going in the kayak. We were tossed up and out of the kayak and fending for ouselves down the rest of the reckless rappids. We then basically became pro kayakers and never fell out again. We really did have a great time.  

So I am going rafting tomorrow...

Well Jordan and I went to Mongolian BBQ today for dinner. This was my Fortune. How ironic that I am going to be on a boat tomorrow. Now I can be calm and know I will make it to a safe port :)


A Thursday on 13th Street

I took a little trip to downtown Boise today. I shopped at some pretty cute antiques shops, enjoyed the atmosphere, and ate at a delicious restaurant. It was the 13th Street Pub and Grill. It was a completely open restaurant to the outdoors. It reminded me of being in DC where a lot of he restaurants have their windows open. I got the BLT with a house salad. It was Delicious! 
One thing that I have loved since I was little were cute old vintage houses. This was across the street from the restaurant, a cute shop called Urban Revival. I could seriously live in this house. The owner of the shop also lives in the shop! what a cute fun place to live.  



I made these cute little cupcakes today. I have been decorating cupcakes for about a year now and I love to do it. I did these cupcakes for a friends family dinner. This is the second time I have made cupcakes for their family. The other time was for a baby shower and they were brown and pink. I really have a lot of fun making these so if anyone needs any cupcakes made I would love to make some for your event. 


I'm Home!!!!!!

This is my home! I love it so much. Do you see why I love coming to this place? It is gorgeous. I am grateful to have parents that take love doing yard work. I have come to realize lately how much I love the outdoors. I just enjoy sitting outside in our hammock or in our pool or trampoline. This house truly is one of my favorite places on Earth. I love how it is a place that our family can gather and we can have parties and just have a good time. My dad has done a great job at our garden. We have a lot of grapes, raspberries  cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. Nothing is better then some fresh fruit and vegetables. I hope someday to have a home that is as beautiful as my parents.I was actually just telling my mom today that someday when I do have a home of my own I am going to have her teach me all she knows about gardening! 

I am so happy to be home right now, you seriously have no idea. This short summer that I have is going to be a blast. I am going to be rafting, biking, camping, boating, attending some of my best friends weddings and just being around my favorite people, my family. Hope everyone else is having a great summer!


Sewin Saturday

It is finals week over here and I have been getting pretty stressed. So this past weekend I decided I would finish all of my homework on Friday so I could enjoy my Saturday and do something that I really wanted to do. SO on Saturday I decided to Sew. It is one of my favorite hobbies. 
I had a few friends who had birthdays last month and I decided to make them some cute bags... but with school I was not able to finsh them on time. But now they are done. Here they are. The first one is reversible. It was the easiest thing to make. It seriously took me less then an hour to make.   

This Bag was for my other friend. She picked out the fabric and I got the pattern from an Amy Butler Book. It took a long time to finish but I really like the finished product and so does she. 


A Great Week

This semester is coming to an end, luckily. This week we have been doing a lot of fun things. The weather has been so nice so we have been doing so many things outside. Melissa and I like to go to the Rexburg Farmers Market every Friday evening. We like to check out all the local vendors and try out some of their food. 

So this is us at the Farmers Market again. We got these drinks and they were kind of gross...and they are not the reason we took the picture. If you can see in the background there is the corn stand, that sells delicious corn. And if you look to the left of my head you will see delicious looking boy selling the corn. haha. This is the reason for the picture. 

So one night we went to jump off of a bridge into the river in the middle of the night. We thought it would be so much fun and I still think it does sound fun. But we got there and we got too scared to jump because the current was so fast. Then we went for an adventure and heard a large object jump into the water. It freaked us out so we ran to the car and left. We continued the evening with playing Truth or Truth, one of our favorite games. It was a pretty fun evening. 

We had a little bon fire at the dunes this weekend. We enjoyed hanging out with some of our favorite friends. 

We then went Bridge jumping to twin Bridges on Saturday. We had a blast, except when Dawna and Melissa got taken away by the current. Don't worry they were able to make it back to us. 
It really was a fabulous weekend. And I hope it becomes a fabulous week on our last week in Rexburg together as roommates. 


It's a Birfday

It was Dawna's Birthday on July 4th so we decided to throw a little party. We celebrated by making delicious hotdogs covered in bacon, pasta salad, fruit,italian sodas and delicious nutella cheescake! It was a fabulous picnic with some of our best friends! 


Scenes From the Summer

Guess What??? Its Summer!!! The last time I posted it was definitely not summer here in the good old town of Rexburg. But now it is. I love sumer it is my favorite time of the year. Here are some photos of some adventures we have had this summer so far. 


One of my favorite things that I like to do this summer is go for bike rides. We like to go discover new places in town and go to parks to enjoy the nice weather. 

 That's my Bike... Love it. My neighbor was having a garage sale and gave it to my mom for FREE!!! I then discovered it and she said I could have it. I painted it and I have been in love ever since. It is a 1970's Schwinn. 

 I also love to go to the Rexburg Farmers Market. It is so little and cute. We bought some delicious cotton candy to try. 
 We stopped to make a wish.


Happy 4th of JULY
 Melissa and I at the Rexburg Parade 

 Idaho Falls 

 The fireworks all ready  to be lit off 

 So for the 4th Brandon, Melissa and I decided we wanted to get a great spot to watch the fireworks so we went to save a spot at 3pm... The show doesn't start until 10pm. So we had soooooo much time to waste. We walked all around the river, played some good old truth or dare, took naps, played farkle, and one thing that they loved to do is tickle me. I am extremely ticklish and they thought it was so funny... it was not. 

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love everything that you can do outside. Can't wait to see what new adventures will find us the rest of the summer.