Saturday is a wonderful day

Well it is Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! I so love the weekends! You seriously have no idea. Saturdays are so glorious just in the fact of being able to wake up on your own without an alarm. I loved it this morning. Then I spent a little time on Pinterest, eating a delicious apple and listening to some great tunes.  

Well I was supposed to go running 14 miles today.... but who really wants to do that, not me. So I am probably only going to go 6 today. Then its work for me! I decided that I really do like my job. I love working with fabric and getting to see all the cute projects everyone is doing. It gets me so inspired to finish my sewing projects. So I came home from work last night at like 11:45 :( and do you know what I did??? I wanted to sew sooooo bad. So I started to cut out a bag to sew for my roommate! I have to buy the rest of the fabric today so I can finish it, but I am super excited for it. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. 

This is the fabric she picked out. Its pretty cute, right? The pattern I am making is from Amy Butler's Style Stitches. It has some pretty darn cute patterns in it. I am excited to try all the bags in it. I have made two Amy Butler bags before and I loved how they turned out. This is one of them.
 It turned out pretty cute, I thought. (Don't mind my families ugly green carpet) haha.

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  1. cute purses!! you can make me one anytime you want!