The Good and the Bad

Bad luck has definitely hit me this semester. I don't know what the heck is going on but every week there is something bad that happens. This week it was my laptop charger...It stopped working so I had to purchase a new one for 80 bucks today. A couple weeks back I lost my flash drive that had a project on it...so I had to redo the whole project. I also went to the bank a few weeks ago and cashed some money and shortly after that it went missing. Today I was cooking my dinner and it decided to burst up in flames. haha. I need to get rid of this bad luck in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to think positive and look at the great things happening in my life. last weekend I ran the Idaho Famous Potato half Marathon. I ran it in 2 hours, which was right on my goal. This was my third 1/2 Marathon. Now onto train for a full marathon. Hopefully I can do it! 

Yesterday I dyed my hair :) Its just my usual dark brown that I have done before but I love it so much when it is freshly done. 

Some more deliciously great news is that we had a dessert party last night so I made my favoritest cinnamon rolls. They were great! 

School has been going pretty well. I have great grades so far so its all about keeping them good.I am about done applying for Student Teaching! I can't believe I am almost done with school. I am excited and a little bit nervous to be a teacher. But it will be a blast teaching my favorite subjects. 

Life can be crazy but it is also a blast at the same time! So happy where I am in life right now living with my best friends and  enjoying the college life. 

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