It was definitely a Spring day here in Rexburg! It got into the 50's haha. But really it was so nice out. The roommates and I decided to go for a walk and a bike ride this evening. It felt so nice to finally be outside instead of cooped up inside, like we have been all winter.
While on our walk we stopped at a new yogurt place in Rexburg called Kiwi Loco. It was so delicious! 
 Then we road our bikes on down to the park and played on the mary go round, swings, and slide. We felt like kids again! 

I love that it is finally getting warm out! I am seriously so excited for summer so I can do things outside more often. It will be so wonderful! 


  1. I loved all the pictures! Looked like you didn't have much frozen yogurt with all of those toppings!! It looked good though. And cute cute pictures, I loved them all.

  2. Thanks Emma! haha yeah there were lots of toppings... it was fat free and healthy until we added them all. haha.