School School School

First day of school photo

Well what an exciting week it has been! I started a new semester and I just keep getting great news in my life. First off the first 2 days of school have been good. I am taking 15 credits this semester so it shouldn't be too stressful. I am taking textiles, an education class, food science, home and family management, and a Humanities class. I am pretty excited about learning this semester! I really really am hoping to get straight A's this semester, so lets just hope it will happen :) I know I can do it with lots of hard work. 

So on to the good news of the week. I went to talk to my advisor on Tuesday and guess what I discovered????? I will graduate this December :) It made me so happy to hear this great news! So this means I will be doing my student teaching in January next year and then I can get a real teaching job Fall of 2012. This is actually making me kind of scared. That means I am really going to have to grow up and be responsible and have a real life job and try to teach kids. pretty scary stuff. 

So another exiting thing that happened today was I received a $20 gift certificate to Kiwi Loco, the local yogurt shop I told you about last post. I love this place. We also went last night, does that tell you how much we love it? If you are a Rexburger I would suggest it. 

More exciting news is that I decided to do Cupcake Wednesdays and cook a new kind of cupcake every Wednesday.I will post pictures and recipes for you all. 

My lovely roommate Dawna made the cupcake for the day. They are these beautiful easter cupcakes (sorry, pictures are from my phone so not the best quality). This is how she made them... just make some regular chocolate cake batter from a mix. Pour the mix into the cupcake tin. Add a Reese's egg to each cupcake and bake at directed temperatures and times on the cake mix box. When cooled frost with *cream cheese frosting, sprinkle some green died coconut and put a few Cadbury eggs on top. 
*Cream Cheese Frosting 
1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 stick of butter softened 
about 4 cups of powdered sugar 
vanilla to taste 
1 Tbsp of milk if to hard 

Mix all ingredients to the desired consistency and enjoy this burt of heavenly deliciousness. 

How is your week going? any good news for you?


  1. Are all these cupcakes going to be part of your "healthy" eating! :)

  2. haha no. The healthy eating ended a couple weeks ago.