Well the cleanse continues on… I have had really really good days and really really not so good days. This is so hard to do some days I have given in to some foods because I am being surrounded by foods that are so tempting all the time. But I am still proud of how I have done. I have been able to explore a lot of new foods that I would not have cooked otherwise. Here are some of the yummy things that I have made. 

Spicy Tomato Soup
All I did to make this was heat up a can of marinara sauce with some chicken broth. Tossed some carrots, beans, onions,garlic, and red pepper flakes. Let that simmer for 10-20 min and serve. It was pretty good. I normally don't like marinara sauce so I was surprised I liked the soup

I made this recipe up. I cooked the quinoa. Then in a separate pan I sauteed in olive oil some garlic, green onions, red peppers, and mushrooms. Added some salt and pepper. After sautéing for like 10 min I mixed the quinoa in it. It turned out good. That was my first time trying quinoa, it did have a different taste then I expected but it was still good. I served it with some delicious asparagus. 

This salad was simple. I mixed some lettuce, spinach,  cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, pinto beans, red peppers, and sunflower seeds. 

Honey Almonds
One day last week I was craving somethings sweet so badly. I had some honey but I couldn't decide on what I could eat the honey with. Then I found the Almonds in my cupboard. heated them up on the stove with some cinnamon and it was a perfectly divine treat that satisfied my sweet craving. 

My breakfasts usually consist of oatmeal or fruit. I enjoy mixing the two. It livens up the oatmeal. In this specific picture I mixed oatmeal with cup up apples. I cook it all together and it almost resembles a cobbler haha notice I used the word almost. 

Chinese Stir Fry
This was probably one of my favorite things I have made within the past week and a half. I love sweet and sour chicken so I tried to recreate something similar. I sauteed some red peppers, onions, carrots, added corn, peas, and pineapple. To make the sauce I mixed the pineapple juice with soy sauce and corn starch. It turned out so yummy. 

Along with eating healthy I have been working out a lot! I am still training for the half marathon in May. I have been feeling so great since I have been eating pretty healthy and exercising. I hope I can keep up these healthy habits the rest of my life!!

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