21 Day Challenge

Well it has been a great weekend. I went home to visit my family on Wednesday until Saturday. It was fun. I got to catch up with a couple of friends and just enjoy the company of my family that I don't get to see too often. Going home always leeds me to eat not too healthy. There is always chocolate sitting around, girl scout cookies, nutella(which is one of my favorite things), and lots of other junk. So as you can imagine I ate a lot of these things and i felt sooooo sick everyday from eating these things. As I was thinking about how sick I got I decided  I needed to make some changes in my eating habbits. As you can remember in January I ate no sugar. While I was doing that I felt so great! I never got sick like I do now. So as a result of me being sick and knowing that if I stopped eating sugar I would feel better I am deciding to do a cleanse. Now don't think this is one of those crazy cleanses that you only drink lemon juice, pepper, and syrup. I am doing a cleanse that consists of cutting out sugar, caffeen, dairy products, meat products, and carbs. So basically I am going to eat plant based foods such as fruits and vegetables, rice, nuts, beans, soy, and anyhting that doesnt include the above things. You may ask where I got such a crazy idea? Well it was about a year ago when I was at home watching Oprah. She had on this guest named Kathy Freston.
She is the writer of the book Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Mind, Body and Spirit. On this specific Oprah show she just talked about her book. Oprah took the challenge and did the 21 day cleanse. Now that I feel like I have been sick because of the foods I have been eating I decided I wanted to try this out. So here I go. I am starting tomorrow. I have researched some pretty good recipes that I am excited to try out. I have also been so sleepy all the time so I am excited to see if this helps me feel more energized. I know this is gonna be really hard for me but I can do it!!Goodbye Chocolate (my favorite thing in the world). Wish me luck! 

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I wish I had money to buy all of those types of food, but sadly they cost money and I don't have money to buy a whole new food storage (Jameson would kill me!). But I think that is a good idea, you have to tell me how you feel after you do it.