Sugar :)

These are a few of the things I love soooooooooo much!

1. My all time favorite dessert is a delicious Chocolate chip cookie from Subway :) The scent of them makes my mouth water. I could eat 100 of them and still be in love with them 
2. My second favorite sweet is Snickers. Oh how it satisfies. This is definitely my favorite chocolate bar. 

3. My third favorite sweet are M&M's. Yummy yummy yum yum! love these little guys. 

4. My fourth most favoritest sweet is the Cocoa Bean's Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake cupcake. I crave these. It is a delicious rich chocolate cupcake with nutella on top and a raspberry syrup with cream cheese frosting on top. It is possibly the best cupcake I have ever had. 

5. I love Hostess Glazed Old Fashioned Donuts! So delice. I seriously get these every time I go on a road trip. I really could eat the whole box by myself... but of course I don't haha. 

6. My favorite breakfast food is french toast!!!! This is so yummy especially when it is drenched in butter and syrup. By the way my mom makes the all time best. 

The Challenge 
One thing that I love is SUGAR. It is so tasty and yummy. There is a downside to sugar....it leads to my tummy hurting and causes me to gain weight :( which I do not like either. I am challenging myself this whole entire month of January to not eat any sweets or desserts. This includes all of the above items. It has been so terribly hard already. I have been tempted by waffles(twice), peanut M&M's, cheesecake, christmas chocolates, scones,Red Vine Licorice, and so many other things. But there is an upside to this I feel so great! My stomach has not been hurting and I feel a lot more healthier. But honestly look at how many calories I saved myself from eating. I will keep you updated on how this challenge goes.


  1. ok we must be twinners cause i love sugar also :)

  2. Oh man, my mouth is watering after seeing this post ;-)

  3. I've been craving french toast for so long!! do you have any good recipes you'd like to share?