What a great Christmas this has Been! I am so grateful for my wonderful Family! Here are a few of the pictures from Christmas. 
This is our Beautiful Christmas Tree! My mom decorated it old fashion style with big lights and all. I really enjoyed it.

 The family chillin on Christmas. we enjoyed watching movies, and watching Jordan play on his Play Station 3 that he got this year. 

We played games. We played Hearts and Pit. I won at Pit! It was lots of fun! 

 We had a delicious Dinner that my mom made us. It was a great prime rib. She is such a wonderful cook!

 This is jordan staring at the Prime Rib! He couldn't wait to eat it! 

 Trevor and Jordan chowing down on carrots and potatoes. They are such heathens. haha

Some beautiful Pies that my mommy made us! 

This was such a fun Christmas!! Jordan came to wake us all up at 6:30 am! We were all so tired and not wanting to get up. But Jordan was soooooo excited! So we all were up and opened gifts! Santa brought me some cuuuuuute boots, perfume, I-pod dock, some cute clothe, and shoes. My Favorite gift was a new camera! I love it. It takes really nice pictures so I am excited to use it. I am so grateful for my mom and dad. They did a great job on my presents this year and I loved all of the. Well Christmas is over now... which is sad. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas. 

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