What a great Christmas this has Been! I am so grateful for my wonderful Family! Here are a few of the pictures from Christmas. 
This is our Beautiful Christmas Tree! My mom decorated it old fashion style with big lights and all. I really enjoyed it.

 The family chillin on Christmas. we enjoyed watching movies, and watching Jordan play on his Play Station 3 that he got this year. 

We played games. We played Hearts and Pit. I won at Pit! It was lots of fun! 

 We had a delicious Dinner that my mom made us. It was a great prime rib. She is such a wonderful cook!

 This is jordan staring at the Prime Rib! He couldn't wait to eat it! 

 Trevor and Jordan chowing down on carrots and potatoes. They are such heathens. haha

Some beautiful Pies that my mommy made us! 

This was such a fun Christmas!! Jordan came to wake us all up at 6:30 am! We were all so tired and not wanting to get up. But Jordan was soooooo excited! So we all were up and opened gifts! Santa brought me some cuuuuuute boots, perfume, I-pod dock, some cute clothe, and shoes. My Favorite gift was a new camera! I love it. It takes really nice pictures so I am excited to use it. I am so grateful for my mom and dad. They did a great job on my presents this year and I loved all of the. Well Christmas is over now... which is sad. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas. 


The Roommates

 So these are my amazing roommates! I love them all so much. We decided this semester we would take roommate pictures. It is something that I have always tried to do with my roommates but never have gotten the chance to do so. But this semester we made it happen. On a Sunday afternoon we all dressed up in our hottest tights and cardigans and had a photo shoot. Our dearest friend Jessica took them for us. She took us out to this great place with these sweet silos and awesome train tracks. We had so much fun taking them! 
 This is our gangsta look 

 All of our lovely tights 

Snow Snow Snow Snow is falling all around. 



Today was Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. First I would like to say some things that I am thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful family that I love so much. I am thankful that I am able to go to college and get a great education. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I am grateful for all my wonderful and loving friends. I am thankful for sewing and all the other crafty things that bring me joy. I am grateful for all the wonderful food that we have on this earth! There are so many other things to be grateful for but these are just a few.

Today we had thanksgiving dinner with my cousins the Ericksons. We had a great dinner. I helped make the rolls, stuffing, and deviled eggs. It was all so delicious. I am so thankful for my mom being a great cook and making sure everything turned out perfect. After eating we enjoyed some football games, puzzles, gingerbread house decorating, and games. We had such a fun time along with a lot a lot of laughs. I love my family and am thankful that I can laugh and have a lot of fun with me.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!